Star Pickets (Y Post)

Star pickets, also known as Y Post or Steel pickets, is a type of steel fence post with three-pointed star end and flat top. Black bituminous painted and Hot dipped galvanized are common coatings for star pickets for high corrosion environments. 

With high strength, perfect stability and easy installation, wholesale star pickets are widely used in farms, construction sites and urban areas in Australia & New Zealand regions. As a star pickets factory, our production capacity is 1,500tons per month.

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Product Parameters

Star pickets are widely installed with various farm fences, such as galvanized wire, barbed wire, hinge joint field fence, fixed knot fence etc. Galvanised pickets is a sturdy and reliable solution for erecting fences and barriers, whether for permanent installations or temporary setups. Star picket fence post or y post fence can also be recycled and do not destroy vegetation.

Y Post Star Pickets Features

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-grade rolled steel, galvanised star pickets are designed to withstand breakage, bending, and twisting, ensuring long-term reliability in various conditions.

◆ Corrosion Resistance: Available with a hot dip galvanized finish or traditional black bitumen coating, Y post star pickets for farm offer excellent resistance to corrosion, enhancing their lifespan, especially in harsh environments and coastal areas.

◆ Easy Installation: Featuring a tapered end and a plain head, steel star pickets are engineered for effortless installation. The pointed end allows for easy driving into the ground, while the flat head is suitable for hammering, streamlining the setup process.

◆ Versatile Design: With pre-drilled holes along their length, star pickets facilitate the attachment of wires or fences, catering to a wide range of applications and customization options.

Y Post Star Pickets Applications

◆ Fencing Projects: Whether you're setting up permanent fencing around a property or creating temporary barriers for an event or construction site, bulk star pickets provide a reliable solution for securing your perimeter.

◆ Construction Sites: Star pickets are ideal for construction projects, where temporary fencing is often required for safety and security purposes. Their durability and ease of installation make them a popular choice among contractors.

◆ Formwork Support: In construction, black star pickets can also be used as formwork support, providing stability and reinforcement for concrete structures during the pouring and curing process.

◆ Agricultural Use: From enclosing livestock areas to creating boundary lines for fields, fencing star pickets are essential in agricultural settings, offering durability and versatility for various farming applications.

Company Advantage:

◆ Superior Quality: As a professional star pickets supplier, our products are manufactured using high-grade materials and undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring superior performance and reliability compared to competitors.

◆ Customization Options: With a wide range of sizes, weights, and coating options available, PUHUASHENG offer customization to meet the unique needs of your project, providing flexibility and versatility.

◆ Low Tolerance Standards: Galvanised star posts boast a low tolerance of just 3%, surpassing industry standards and offering customers greater precision and consistency in their installations.

◆ Comprehensive Product Range: In addition to star picket posts for sale, we offer a comprehensive range of fencing solutions and accessories, including Studded T Posts, Y Posts with teeth, vineyard posts, Step-in Postpigtail post and fence post accessories, providing customers with a convenient one-stop shopping experience for all fencing needs.

Choose the Y post star pickets for farm to enhance the security and functionality of your farm fencing. Order your Y post star pickets today!

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Specification of Y Post Star Pickets for Farm

Main MarketsAustralia,New Zealand etc.


1.58kgs/m, 1.86kgs/m,1.90kgs/m,2.04kgs/m etc.
Length450mm,600mm,900mm,1200mm,1350mm,1500mm,1650mm,1800mm,2000mm,2400mm or as request
Surface TreatmentBlack bituminous painted,Hot dipped galvanized

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