Studded T Post

Studded t-posts are economical, easy to drive into any terrain, and a relatively easy way to construct temporary or permanent fencing. The studded fence post is  made from high quality rail steel and is widely used for supporting various wire mesh, fence panels.

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Product Parameters

With spade and studs, studded t post can provide higher earth grasping strength and greatly prevent the fencing wire slipping. Painted and hot dipped galvanized coating makes steel studded t post more better in corrosion resistance. Studded T posts are great use for farms, ranches, gardens, and backyards, construction settings. Studded steel t posts can be used for barbed wire, field fence, fixed knot fence snow fence etc. Bulk studded t posts can also be used to raise the plants growing up and climbing, it's more suitable for use in wet environments. As a steel studded t post factory, our production capacity of wholesale metal fence posts is 1,500 tons per month.

Advantages of Studded T Post

Easy Installation & Minimal Impact: Steel studded T-posts ensure hassle-free installation, preserving surrounding vegetation and saving time.

◆ Efficient Labor & Equipment Use: Designed for simplicity, wholesale studded T-posts reduce the need for excessive labor and equipment, streamlining your projects.

◆ Longevity & Corrosion Resistance: With superior anti-rust treatment, studded t fence post offer longevity and durability, even in harsh environments.

Applications of Studded T Post:

◆ Secure Fencing Solutions: Perfect for supporting wire mesh fences, studded T-posts prevent slippage and ensure secure fencing for agricultural, residential, or industrial use.

◆ Plant Support & Management: These studded posts serve as reliable supports for climbing plants, facilitating efficient plant management and growth in gardens, farms, and landscapes.

Product Specification 

Main MarketsAmerica,Canada,Germany,Mexico etc.
Spec0.85lbs/ft, 0.95lbs/ft, 1.25lbs/ft, 1.33lbs/ft, 1.50lbs/ft etc.
Length4' / 5' / 6' / 6.5' / 7' / 8' / 9' / 10'4" or as request
MaterialRail Steel
Surface treatmentNo-painted, Painted,Hot dipped galvanized
Package5pcs/bundle, 200pcs/pallet

Studded T Post 1.33lbs/ft

Studded T Post 1.33lbs/ft  is the ultimate solution for enhancing the stability and strength of your fence posts. Crafted with durability in mind, this T post of Puhuasheng offers unmatched support, ensuring your fences stay intact and secure. Constructed with high-quality materials, it's ideal for agricultural, residential, and commercial projects. Its unique studded design provides exceptional stability, anchoring the post firmly into the ground, even in challenging weather conditions. With a sleek appearance and durable finish, Studded T Post 1.33lbs/ft adds a polished touch to any fencing project while ensuring maximum safety. 

Backed by our commitment to quality, Studded T Post 1.33lbs/ft is engineered to withstand years of use without compromising its integrity. Choose the Studded T Post 1.33lbs/ft to fortify your fences and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and reliable fencing solution. For more information, contact us for professional answers.

Studded T Post 0.85lbs/ft

Crafted with precision and durability, the Studded T Post 0.85lbs/ft offers reliable support for diverse fencing needs. Made from high-strength, hot rolled steel, 6 ft studded t post ensures lightweight yet robust stability. The angled stud design holds the fence securely, aided by the large anchor plate for enhanced stability. Finished with rust-resistant enamel, it promises enduring performance above and below ground. Ideal for agricultural, residential, and commercial projects, this steel studded T post delivers strength and reliability for fences of all kinds.

Studded T Post 0.95lbs/ft

The Studded T Post 0.95lbs/ft provides versatile fencing support with strength and ease of installation. Crafted from premium materials, 8 ft studded t post withstands agricultural and residential demands. The angled stud feature ensures stability, while the large anchor plate bolsters support. With a durable enamel coating, studded fence post promises long-lasting performance in various applications. Whether for livestock enclosures or garden fences, studded steel t posts deliver the durability and security needed for any project.

Studded T Post 1.25lbs/ft

Engineered for toughness, the Studded T Post 1.25lbs/ft is the solution for demanding fencing projects. Constructed from high-strength steel, studded t fence post offers unparalleled durability and stability. The angled stud design provides superior grip, while the large anchor plate enhances stability in challenging terrain. Finished with rust-resistant enamel, studded t post 5 ft maintains integrity over time. Whether for livestock, perimeters, or property boundaries, this T post ensures strength and security in the toughest conditions.

Studded T Post 1.50lbs/ft

For high-performance fencing, trust the Studded T Post 1.50lbs/ft for maximum stability. Crafted from premium-grade steel, studded t post 7 ft delivers unmatched support for demanding projects. The angled stud feature ensures a secure hold, even in harsh weather. The large anchor plate provides additional stability for various applications. With a durable enamel finish, studded t post fence resists rust for long-lasting performance. Whether for security fences or livestock enclosures, this green steel fence T post offers the strength and stability your project requires.

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