Spring Wire

High carbon steel (or Spring Steel) can be hardened substantially and is used for high tensile applications such as springs, brush, Upholstered furniture, duct, auto parts.

With the increasing of carbon content, the wire becomes stronger and harder. There are four types of carbon steel including low (mild) carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high carbon steel wire and very high- carbon steel wire.

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Steel wire is a kind of multifunctional wire. High-strength materials make it withstand heavy things like hanging wire without being damaged. 

Crafted from premium quality materials, our high carbon steel wire is engineered to withstand demanding environments and heavy-duty usage. Its high carbon content ensures superior strength and resilience, making it suitable for applications that require durability and longevity. Count on our wire to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease.

With its versatile nature, our high carbon steel wire can be used in various industries and projects. It serves as a vital component in fencing systems, providing reliable support and security. Additionally, it finds application in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and many other sectors. Whatever your project demands, our high carbon steel wire is up to the challenge.

Installation and handling are made effortless with our high carbon steel wire. Its flexible yet sturdy construction allows for easy manipulation and shaping, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The wire's uniform thickness and smooth surface provide a seamless experience, whether you're working with automated machinery or performing manual tasks.

In addition to its functional benefits, our high carbon steel wire also boasts excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. Its protective coating enhances its longevity and prevents rusting, even in harsh environments. With our wire, you can rely on its performance and appearance for years to come.

Our high carbon steel wire exhibits excellent coiling ability at high speeds and often requires no additional lubricant. This results in less stress on coiling equipment, preserving equipment life, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput and profits. If additional lubrication is required, we offer several performance coating options, such as phosphated, bright, galvanized, copper coated. Steel wire is not easily corroded as a result of this, even in harsh environments. High carbon steel (or Spring Steel) can be hardened substantially and is used for high-tensile applications such as springs, brushes, upholstered furniture, ducts, and auto parts.

Make the smart choice with our high carbon steel wire, offering exceptional strength and versatility. Whether you're reinforcing structures, securing boundaries, or enhancing industrial processes, our wire is your reliable partner. Trust in the quality and performance of our high carbon steel wire to deliver outstanding results for all your projects.

Experience the power of our high carbon steel wire today. Browse our products to explore more about Puhuasheng and place your order.

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Wire Diameter0.1mm-6.0mm
Surface TreatmentPhosphated, Bright, Galvanized, Copper Coated
Package50kgs, 100kgs, 500kgs/coil, DIN200, K200, B60, Z2 spool, Z3 spool or others

DiameterNormal T/SPacking
0.3mm-0.5mm1800-2000N/mm2coil or Z2 spool
0.6mm-1.0mm1600-1800N/mm2coil or Z2 spool
1.1mm-1.4mm1300-1600N/mm2coil, Z2 or Z3 spool
1.4mm-2.0mm1300-1450N/mm2coil, Z2 or Z3 spool
2.0mm-4.0mm1300-1450N/mm2coil, Z2 or Z3 spool

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Steel Wire

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