Step-in Post

Step-in Post is also called Electric Fencing Posts or Plastic Fence Pins. It is perfect for use around gardens, as well as temporary fences, crowd control, boundary marking, etc. 

Step in post have special molded clips to securely hold the electric fence wire and poly wire.  It allows you to set the fence lines to the height you need. Step-in Post's weight is light and it is convenient to install. 

When installing, simply insert the pointed tip of the fence post down into the ground. Sharp metal spike is easily stepped into hard ground. 

These posts are made of durable UV-resistant plastic, and also have a ribbed design, so they can remain strong for long years.

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Product Parameters

Step-in post is also called electric fencing posts or plastic fence pins. Ideal for temporary electric fencing such as controlled grazing/pasture management. Lightweight, self-insulating, and convenient to use. Strong H section post molded of UV resistant polypropylene. Eight wire holders for steel wire, poly wire and poly tape up to 1 1/2" wide. Sharp metal spike end of post easily stepped into hard ground.

Key Features of Step-in Post

● Effortless installation: Step on the base for quick setup.

● Durable build: Crafted from premium materials for long-lasting performance.

● Versatile applications: Ideal for fences, signs, and more.

● Reliable stability: Sturdy design ensures posts remain upright.

Choose the step-in post for a seamless, reliable, and lasting solution. Elevate your outdoor endeavors with this innovative product that defines convenience and durability. Order now!

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Information of Step-in Post

MaterialPP with UV-resistant
Length104cm, 120cm, 160cm
Weight295g, 315g, 400g
ColourBlack, White, Orange, Green or as request
Wire HoldersEight
Type of FeetSingle, Double
Package10/20/30/50/60 pcs per carton

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